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Xoglo® Exosomes

XoGlo® is a concentrated exosome product containing many growth factors that enhances the coordinated cascade of biochemical and cellular events involved in wound healing. XoGlo® is a cell-free component isolated from MSC exosomes. This concentrated biological product is sterile and filtered, and re-suspended in [0.9%] saline. Each ml of XoGlo® contains 1 billion MSC exosomes components. To ensure the consistency and purity of its pharmaceutical-grade exosomes as it goes through advanced screening methods makes it the central element of the medical or cosmetic industry: Glow, Revitalize. Replenish defines the essential requirement of XoGlo exosomes as it provides radical results.

XO glow

The physiological effects of the exosomal growth factors in XoGlo® stimulate the healing capacity of acute and chronic wounds, regenerate collagen, and reduces inflammation of skin and tissues. XoGlo® has the potential to heal.

  • wound healing
  • improve skin texture
  • reduce scarring
  • stimulate hair growth
  • Shorten recovery time after cosmetic procedures
  • Prevent or diminish the signs of aging

As a Wholesale Exosome Products Distributors & Suppliers, the Exosomes Market is divided by Product (Kits and Reagents, Instruments), By Application in the medical or biotech industry (Diagnostics, Therapeutics).

Kimera Labs is a manufacturer of exosome products and specializes in the production of exosomes. In addition, Kimera Labs offers cosmeceutical products, such as its XOGLO™ skin therapy; it explores Wholesale Exosome Products Distributors & Suppliers.

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